Blessings of the Priesthood Are Available to All

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You can use this lesson and activity to learn more about this month’s Primary theme.

Blessings of the Priesthood Are Available to All

When Joseph Smith was translating the Book of Mormon, he and his scribe Oliver Cowdery had a question. They went into the woods to pray about it. While they were praying, “a messenger from heaven descended in a cloud of light.” This messenger was John the Baptist. He laid his hands on Joseph’s and Oliver’s heads and gave them the Aaronic Priesthood. John the Baptist then commanded Joseph and Oliver to baptize each other. A short time later, the Apostles Peter, James, and John came to earth and ordained Joseph and Oliver to the Melchizedek Priesthood. God’s priesthood was on the earth again. (See Joseph Smith—History 1:68–72.)

Through the priesthood we can receive wonderful blessings and ordinances. Such blessings include those given to newborn babies, to the sick, and to children by their fathers or other worthy priesthood holders. We must also receive certain priesthood ordinances to return to Heavenly Father. Some of these ordinances include baptism by immersion, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and sacred temple ordinances that can seal families together forever. Also in the temple, ordinances can be performed for people who have passed away without the blessings of the gospel. Blessings of the priesthood are available to all!

Song and Scripture

Just You

In the Pearl of Great Price, turn to Joseph Smith—History 1:68–73. Use those verses to help you fill in the blanks below. On another piece of paper, write down other things you learn from reading these verses. See answers on page 48.

  1. 1.

    “The Priesthood of Aaron … holds the keys of the ministering of __________, and of the gospel of __________.”

  2. 2.

    __________ was the first to be baptized.

  3. 3.

    Oliver Cowdery baptized __________.

  4. 4.

    John the Baptist acted under the direction of __________, __________, and __________.

  5. 5.

    Peter, James, and John later conferred the __________ Priesthood upon Joseph and Oliver.

CTR Activity: The Priesthood Helps People

The priesthood is God’s power to serve and bless people through ordinances and blessings. In these pictures, draw yourself into the scene.

priesthood pictures(click to view larger)

Illustrations by Rebecca Miller

Priesthood holders bless and pass the sacrament. Draw yourself on the bench, ready to take the sacrament.

Priesthood blessings can be administered to the sick. Draw yourself in bed, not feeling well.

Families can be sealed together through temple ordinances. Draw your family in front of the temple.

Baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost are priesthood ordinances. Draw yourself standing in front of the font.

1. angels, repentance; 2. Oliver Cowdery; 3. Joseph Smith; 4. Peter, James, John; 5. Melchizedek.