Juliana’s First Temple Visit

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    Outside it was foggy and drizzly. But Juliana J. of Hatchet Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada, didn’t mind. She was feeling very warm inside as she and her family walked around the Halifax Nova Scotia Temple. She had just finished doing baptisms for the dead for her first time.

    Going to the temple was actually the main reason Juliana had been excited to turn 12. Her older sisters and brother had been telling her about it for a long time, and she couldn’t wait to feel the Spirit there for herself.

    But when her 12th birthday came, Juliana and her family were on vacation. When they stopped to see the Salt Lake Temple, she didn’t have her recommend yet, so she couldn’t go inside. Big disappointment!

    On her first Sunday back home, Juliana made sure she had her recommend interview with her bishop. Then she had to wait a few more weeks until it was her ward’s Mutual temple visit.

    Finally, the special day came. Juliana got dressed in her Sunday clothes. Her oldest sister helped by braiding Juliana’s long hair. Juliana’s family went with her to the temple. “She was so excited, she was vibrating!” her mom said.

    Afterward, Juliana and her family walked around the temple together taking pictures. That’s a family tradition, come rain or snow. It’s a tradition that Juliana looks forward to repeating many more times.

    Juliana’s Tips for Getting Ready for the Temple

    1. 1.

      Temple recommend interviews aren’t scary. After your bishop asks you about things like paying tithing and following the Word of Wisdom, it gives you a good feeling to know you’re worthy and ready to go to the temple.

    2. 2.

      Dress in nice clothing you would wear to church. It’s reverent.

    3. 3.

      Wear your hair in a nice, simple hairstyle to keep it from getting tangled.

    4. 4.

      Before you go, think about the importance of what you’re going to be doing. One of my sisters told me to think about the people who have been waiting to have their baptisms done.

    5. 5.

      If you have a special question or problem, think and pray about it before and while you’re in the temple.

    6. 6.

      While you’re in waiting areas of the temple, take time to look at the pictures on the walls, read the scriptures, and let the spirit of the temple sink into your heart.

    7. 7.

      Go often! My ward goes on the fourth Thursday of each month. Even if you can’t go that often, go as often as you can. You might find that your life goes more smoothly when you do.

    8. 8.

      If you have questions or are concerned about going to the temple, talk to someone who has already gone.