brother and sister talking

Illustrations by Maryn Roos

What’s going on?

Shhh! Let’s go talk in my room.

Don’t you think Mom and Dad have been acting weird lately?

Yeah. Sometimes when I come into the room they stop talking.

Last night when I got up for a drink of water—I mean, it was really late— they were in the kitchen whispering and looking at some papers.

I tried to find out what’s going on. The other day I asked Mom if she’s mad at me. Or if somebody’s sick or something.

What did she say?

She said nobody’s sick, I’m not in trouble, and nothing’s wrong. Of course I didn’t ask if you are in trouble …

You’re so funny.

C’mon, didn’t she tell you anything?

She said there’s nothing to worry about. They just aren’t ready to talk about it yet. I still don’t know what’s going on, but I kinda feel like everything’s OK.


Well, for one thing, I believe Mom. Plus, I’ve been praying about it, and … I dunno … I just feel more peaceful.

Kids, could you two come in the kitchen for a minute?

We know you’ve been wondering what’s going on. Well, now we can finally tell you the exciting news.

(To be continued next month.)