Beauty Within: Designing the House of the Lord

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1. Designing the Outside: After the prophet announces a new temple, architects prayerfully study the scriptures and local culture while designing floor plans for the temple building. These plans are presented to the First Presidency for approval.

2. Designing the Inside: Interior designers look through a room filled with hundreds of material samples to decide what will be used to make the temple furnishings. When the final selections are made, the samples are placed on boards and presented to the First Presidency.

While designers and architects are busy creating furnishings, artists create beautiful art and murals for the temple.

After about five months of designing, the temple rooms are drawn on a computer. These images, called renderings, are presented to the First Presidency.

3. Putting Everything Together: Once a temple is constructed, all the furnishings need to be put in! Workers lay carpet and tile, install murals, and hang art. They clean windows, dust furniture, and polish metalwork in preparation for the temple’s upcoming open house.