I Love to See the Temple

Are you getting ready to do baptisms for the dead for the first time? Here are some helpful tips.

  • Dress respectfully. Wear nice clothes that you would wear to church.

  • If you are a girl with long hair, tie it into a nice braid or ponytail so it doesn’t get tangled.

  • If you’re nervous, talk to someone who has already gone.

  • While at the temple, leave your cares behind. Think about those you are helping, and try to feel the Spirit.

For more tips, see “Getting Ready to Go to the Temple” in the March 2012 New Era, or “Juliana’s First Temple Visit” in the October 2012 Friend.

Temple Bracelets

Have you met Edward B. from Canada yet? On page 26, he talks about how his family made colorful bracelets to remind them of their goal to be sealed together. You can make a bracelet to remind you of the blessings of the temple.

  1. Cut three strands of different-colored string or embroidery floss. Tie a knot at one end and tape the knot to a table so you can pull against the strings as you braid.

  2. Put the string on the right between the left and middle strings. Then put the left piece of string between the new right and middle strings.

  3. Pull the two strings on the left and the string on the right away from each other so the braid is tight.

  4. Repeat steps 2–3 until your bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist, then tie the ends together.

Ask Yourself …

How can I follow the prophet today?

One time I went on a field trip for school. On our way we went by the Boise Idaho Temple. I was so excited to see the temple. Some of my friends asked what the temple was. An LDS classmate and I told them about it, and I was able to bear my testimony to them. It made me feel wonderful to bear my testimony and be a missionary.

Lybee B., age 10, Oregon, USA