Share Your Blessings

Donna M., age 11, Pangasinan, Philippines

My favorite story in the Friend is “The Coat” (March 2012), a true story from the childhood of President Heber J. Grant. The lesson I got is to share your blessings. When I saw that my classmate didn’t have food, I gave her some. Now she is my best friend.

The Friend Is Fun!

Tanner B., age 11, Minnesota, USA

I really enjoy reading the stories in the Friend each month. I like how they teach lessons in fun, short stories. It’s fun looking for the hidden CTR ring each month too!

A Friend for Sisters

Mardi H., age 7, Utah, USA, with Whitni, age 3

The happiest day of each month is when the Friend comes in the mail. I love to read all of the stories to my little sister.

How We Read the Friend

Amy and Adam I., ages 3 and 3, Utah, USA

Amy and Adam are twins, and they like to look at the Friend together.

Dear Friends,

There’s no more beautiful or sacred place on earth than a temple. It’s a place where Heavenly Father invites us to come inside to feel His Spirit and make special covenants that will help us return to Him.

We hope this month’s Friend will help you learn more about the temple and look forward to the day when you can go inside!

Heavenly Father loves you!

The Friend

P.S. Write and tell us what you love about the temple.

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