Sharing the Book of Mormon around the World

By Arie Van De Graaff

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These children wrote their testimonies in the Book of Mormon to share them with others throughout the world. Follow the clues to figure out whose copy of the Book of Mormon is going to each continent. Answers on page 48.

clue activity

Clue 1: Beth’s copy is going to a continent that touches two other continents.

Clue 2: Emma’s copy is going to a continent that doesn’t touch any other continents.

Clue 3: The continent where Emma’s copy is going is the color you get when you mix the colors of Adam’s and Beth’s continents.

Clue 4: Doug’s copy is going to a continent that touches the continent where Adam’s copy is going.

Clue 5: The continent where Chris’s copy is going is a primary color.

  1. North America: _______________

  2. South America: _______________

  3. Europe: _______________

  4. Africa: _______________

  5. Asia: _______________

  6. Australia: _______________

Show References

  • 1) Adam; 2) Doug; 3) Chris; 4) Faith; 5) Beth; 6) Emma