family at church

Illustrations by Maryn Roos

Matt and Mandy and their parents have moved to a new town and a new home. Now they are going to their new ward for the first time.

Dad says it’s natural to be nervous, but if I act friendly, other people will be friendly too.

This looks kinda the same … but kinda different too.

But I feel good here, like going into the chapel at home. I mean, our old home.

I recognize the songs from our old ward.

The sacrament’s exactly the same, and Mom always says that’s what we’re really here for.

Hi, we’re the Coopers. We just moved into the ward.

Hi, my name’s Mandy Cooper. We just moved in.

Man, I’ll sure be glad when I’m taller.

This is Sister Rogers, the Primary president. She’ll introduce you to your teachers. And Dad and I will meet you here right after the meetings.

Hmmm. People here are nice too.

This really isn’t so hard after all.

(To be continued.)