Heavenly Father Has a Plan for Us

Javier V., age 6, Utah, USA

I have been thinking of Lilli R. from Pennsylvania. I read her letter in the May 2012 Friend. Reading about her losing her mom brought tears to my eyes. I have been asking God in my prayers to comfort her and her family. I also wanted to fast for her, so for the first time I fasted with my family. We read in Alma 38:5 that God has a plan for us and if we trust in Him, He will make everything right for us.

Praying for Help

Ryan B., age 11, Idaho, USA

I really like “Elevator Prayers” (Aug. 2012). This last year I had to take a standardized test in science. It was the first time I had taken this test because only fifth graders take it. I said a prayer in my mind while I was in the hallway. I wanted to be able to remember the things I had been taught. After the test I got a really good score. Heavenly Father helped me feel calm and sure of myself. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers no matter where I am.

I Love Learning about Jesus

Malika M., age 7, Jamaica

The Friend is my favorite. I love the stories. Every month my mother reads the stories to me. I love learning about Jesus Christ.

How We Read the Friend

Megan, Jackson, and Mia D., ages 7, 3, and 5, Kenya

These siblings like to read the Friend together.

Dear friends,

Every summer thousands of people come to watch the Hill Cumorah Pageant near Palmyra, New York. It’s an inspiring play about the Book of Mormon and how it came to be.

On pages 14 and 15, you can find out about children who play parts in the pageant. Then turn the page to find a script to help you put on a pageant for your family and friends!

Send us a photo to show us your pageant!

Happy June,

The Friend

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