Bringing Primary Home

I Will Follow Heavenly Father’s Plan by Being Baptized and Confirmed

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You can use this lesson and activity to learn more about this month’s Primary theme.

The Book of Mormon tells about a group of people who gathered together in a forest called Mormon. They wanted to hear Alma teach about the gospel of Jesus Christ. After Alma taught them for many days, he asked them if they wanted to make a covenant to serve God and keep His commandments. He told them that if they would be baptized, the Holy Ghost would always be with them (see Mosiah 18:7–10).

When they heard this, the people were so happy that they “clapped their hands for joy” (Mosiah 18:11). Alma baptized about 200 people in the Waters of Mormon. These people thought of the forest of Mormon as a beautiful place because that is where they learned about the Savior and were baptized (see Mosiah 18:30).

Like Alma’s people, we feel joyful as we look forward to or remember being baptized. Like those people, when we are baptized, we make a covenant with God. We promise to keep His commandments and serve Him. We take upon us the name of Jesus Christ and become members of His Church. When we are confirmed, we receive the same wonderful promise that Alma’s people received: that the Holy Ghost can be with us always, if we keep God’s commandments.

Illustration by Dani Jones