Bulletin Board

Illustrations by Thomas S. Child

I Love to See the Temple

If you turn to pages 20–21, you’ll meet Camille from New York City. Did you know that a nickname for New York City is the “Big Apple”? And guess what—there’s a temple right in the middle of it! The Manhattan New York Temple is near other famous buildings downtown, such as an opera house and a music school. The temple takes up four floors, and the other floors of the building are mostly used for church meetings and offices. That means that some people in New York go to church downstairs from the temple each Sunday!

Missionary Stationery

Do you have a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, or grandparent serving a mission? Or maybe someone from your ward or stake is on a mission right now. They would love to get a letter from you! The next time you write a letter, try decorating the edges of your paper with pictures and designs to make special stationery. Here are some symbols to trace to make a fun border, or color ones of your own.

A Sunshine Sun Sign

What’s the weather like right now where you live? In countries in the northern hemisphere, like Canada, the weather is getting colder. But in countries in the southern hemisphere, like Australia, the weather is warming up! Whether it feels like spring or autumn outside, you can brighten someone’s day by making this sunshine sun sign.

What you need:

a paper plate

yellow construction paper

markers of different colors

glue or tape

What to do:

  1. Color the plate yellow to look like the center of the sun.

  2. Cut the yellow construction paper into pointed strips. On each strip, write something you love about the person you’re giving the sun sign to.

  3. Glue or tape the strips around the outside of the paper plate so they look like sunbeams.

  4. Give your sun sign to someone you love!

Ask Yourself …

How can I help my school or neighborhood become a better place today?