Guide to the Friend
  1. The theme of this issue is “Share the Light” (pages 2–3). Talk with your family about ways you can share the light of the gospel with others every day.

  2. Read “Friends, Hearts, & Invitations” (pages 8–9) together as a family. You can “heart attack” a neighbor, just like the activity days girls did, by cutting out paper hearts and taping them to the door. Or you could make the paper pumpkins on page 6 instead—a pumpkin attack!

  3. Read “Good Words, Bad Words” (pages 18–19) and talk about how you can show your love through the language you use.

  4. Use the Bringing Primary Home lesson and activity to learn more about this month’s Primary theme (pages 28–29).

  5. Read “Family MTC” (pages 26–27) and talk about ways your family can help each other prepare to serve a mission or share the gospel in other ways.