Show and Tell

I like going to church with my family and learning about Jesus Christ. At home I like reading and learning scripture stories, singing hymns, and playing games at family home evening. The gospel blesses my family and makes me feel happy. I have already given a Book of Mormon to three schoolteachers and to my best friend, Miguel. My favorite Primary song is “We’ll Bring the World His Truth.”

Martim P., age 6, Portugal

My parents have taught me the gospel and have been good examples to me since I was little. I learned to read the scripture stories for children, and now I love the Book of Mormon. I read it every day, alone and with my family. Ammon is my favorite person in the Book of Mormon. He was a great missionary, which is what I want to be when I am older.

Esteban M., age 8, Colombia

One day during my school choir practice, I accidentally embarrassed a boy. He sang a note by himself and went out of tune. People started laughing, and I laughed too. Afterward I felt really bad, so I asked my mom for help. She told me I should tell him I was sorry. I handwrote an apology letter and handed it to him during recess. About a day or so later, when I was walking down the hallway with my friends, the boy stuck his head out of his classroom and yelled, “I forgive you!” I’m glad I had the courage to make the right choice.

Courtney L., age 11, Texas, USA

When Letícia C., age 6, Brazil, was three years old, the Curitiba Brazil Temple was completed. She loved going to the temple and went there every day of the last week of the open house. She still loves to visit the temple and walk through the beautiful gardens. Letícia also loves to draw and swim.

Maren P., age 9, Idaho, USA, likes to read and write. She enjoys reading the Friend magazine and learning about the Book of Mormon and the prophets. Her favorite Book of Mormon story is when Nephi builds a boat.

In art class, we shaped clay into cups. Then we fired and painted the cups and turned some artwork into placemats. After the cups were done, our teacher had a tea ceremony, and he served tea. Even though the rest of the class had tea, I didn’t have even one tiny drip. The best feeling of all was obeying the Lord.

Rebecca L., age 7, Colorado, USA

I’ll Leave It to Him

Heavenly Father is my Friend.

He will love and help me to the end.

Sometimes I fail to do what’s right,

I argue and complain and leave His sight.

Then He picks me up and puts me back

On the path to fix that crack

In my character. Christ is in charge.

I’ll leave it to Him ‘cause His love is large.

Reese C., age 10, Utah, USA

Kimberly, Sean, Paul, and Patrick F., ages 11, 8, 3, and 1, Idaho, USA, like to learn, sing, and play together. They like bouncing on the trampoline and swimming. They just finished reading the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price and are now reading the Doctrine and Covenants. They also have an older brother who is serving a mission in the Marshall Islands.

CJ S., age 10, Utah, USA

N. Thi LinĐa, age 8, Cambodia

Emma T., age 9, Virginia, USA

Davin V., age 9, Idaho, USA

Brevin E., age 7, Utah, USA

Pasha Z., age 9, Ukraine

Grace B., age 10, Idaho, USA