An Answer to Prayer

Megan R., age 11, Colorado, USA

In the April 2013 issue of the Friend, you answered my prayers by putting in an article titled “An Unexpected Test.” I am also in fifth grade, and at school I have the same problem, and this really helped me through it. Thank you!

Be Positive

Simon H., age 6, New York, USA

My favorite story in the Friend is “A Positive Attitude” (Nov. 2012). I like how Jani was OK not being able to do things others could do.

How We Read the Friend

Sarah, David, and Josh P., ages 6, 8, and 10, Rome, Italy

We like to read the Friend at the construction site of the Rome Italy Temple.

Dear Friends,

In the U.S. and Canada, boys in Cub Scouts build pinewood derby cars, go to day camp, and serve others. This month we’re sending a special 100th-anniversary salute to Cub Scouts in the Church. See pages 4–5 and 10–11.

And we’re not forgetting you girls! On pages 6–7 and 44–45, we’re shining a spotlight on some girls who serve with music and friendship.

Keep serving!

The Friend

P.S. If you’re not a Cub Scout, please write and tell us how you serve and have fun in your Primary activity day group!

Was there a letter or a story in this month’s issue that helped you? Tell us about it. Turn to page 48 to find out how.