We Are to Thank God in All Things

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You can use this lesson and activity to learn more about this month’s Primary theme.

Bringing Primary Home(click to view larger)

Illustration by Brad Teare

One day Julie’s younger sister, Maddie, was feeling very sad. She was not having a good day. Julie wondered how she could help Maddie feel better. Then she had an idea!

Julie sat down next to her sister and asked Maddie to play a game with her. They would take turns telling something they were grateful for—something they could see, touch, hear, taste, or smell. At first it took Maddie a while to think of something. But after a few turns, it was easier, and she began to look happier. Soon Maddie forgot all about her worries, and Julie felt more cheerful too.

Heavenly Father wants us to notice the many blessings He gives us, and He wants us to say thank you to Him every day. He knows this will help us feel more grateful and happy.

We can say thank you to Heavenly Father in many ways. We can thank Him by kind words and through our actions. Every morning when you wake up and climb out of bed, think of one thing Heavenly Father has blessed you with and remember to thank Him. Doing this will help you feel happier every day.

Song and Scripture

  • “Thanks to Our Father,” Children’s Songbook, 20

  • Mosiah 18:23

Ideas for Family Talk

After reading the story about Julie and Maddie, you could have each person in the family take turns telling things he or she is thankful for. Try to think of how challenges and difficulties can be blessings too. Talk about how all the things Heavenly Father gives us—even some of the hard things—are blessings that help us learn and grow.

Thankful ABCs

Take turns thinking of blessings for each letter of the alphabet. Write those blessings in the boxes. Then place the list in a place where it can remind everyone of things they want to say thank you to Heavenly Father for each day.

List a blessing for every letter in the alphabet! Find more copies of this activity at lds.org/friend.

Look on pages 24–25 to find another activity for counting your blessings throughout the month!