Feasting on the Scriptures

Kaleb, Noé, Gavin, Teague, and Hiram R., ages 10, 10, 6, 3, and 1, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for the Book of Mormon feast in the January 2012 issue of the Friend! Our family loves learning about the stories from the scriptures, and the Book of Mormon feast helped us read the scriptures together, even though we are all different ages. Each night, Teague runs to bring everyone a copy of the scriptures. Gavin says, “I feel close to Jesus when I read the scriptures.”

We love to read the scriptures at dinnertime, when we are all home. We try to read every day, but if we miss one, we don’t get discouraged and quit—we just try harder the next day!

Kaleb says, “The missionaries came over for dinner and challenged us to give a Book of Mormon away. I knew I could accept the challenge because we had read it as a family, and I knew it was a true book about Jesus.”

We are very excited for the Old Testament scripture challenge! Noé is especially excited because she is named after Noah, one of Zelophehad’s daughters in the Old Testament (see Numbers 27:1–11). She says, “Reading the Book of Mormon has helped me feel more love for my family.”

We loved the Book of Mormon feast! We are excited to read the Old Testament together as a family.

Dear Friends,

This year we’re inviting you to come along for a world tour! Cut out and fold the passport on page 7. Each month, cut out the stamps from the “Friends around the World” story to glue to your passport. By December you will have visited 12 different countries! (To print out extra passports, go to FriendsaroundtheWorld.lds.org.)

Happy travels,

The Friend

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See the Old Testament Scripture Challenge on pages 24–26.