Cooking Friend Style

Lillian F., age 10, Michigan, USA

I love the recipes in the Friend. I like them so much that I started to put them into a cookbook. So far I have a lot of recipes, and I hope to get more. I think my favorite one is macaroni and cheese soup (Oct. 2012). Thanks for the yummy recipes!

A New Deacon

Andrew N., age 12, Utah, USA

I liked the story “Brand-New Deacon” from the October 2013 Friend. I turned 12 in October and was nervous to pass the sacrament. Then I read “Brand-New Deacon” and felt better and not as nervous. I was able to pass the sacrament without any problems. Thank you for that great story. It really helped me.

You Can Share a Friend!

Hayley L., age 10, Utah, USA

I know a boy I really want to give a Book of Mormon to. But I’m really nervous. I hope I might just once get him to come to Church. Maybe I could just give him a Friend magazine! Your stories are fun to read. Thank you for the Friend!

How We Read the Friend

Enoch and Joseph T., ages 8 and 5, Georgia, USA

Dear Friends,

This year Easter is on April 20. In Russia, people have a special way of greeting each other on Easter Day. The first person says, “Jesus has risen!” Then the second person replies, “Yes, indeed He has!”

What Easter traditions help you remember Jesus Christ? Look on pages 24–25 for an activity to help your family celebrate the wonderful fact that Jesus Christ was resurrected on Easter.

Jesus Christ has risen!

The Friend

Was there a letter or a story in this month’s issue that helped you? Tell us about it. Turn to page 48 to find out how.