To Think about Jesus

From Children’s Songbook, 71.

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It shouldn’t be hard to sit very still
And think about Jesus, His cross on the hill,
And all that He suffered and did for me;
It shouldn’t be hard to sit quietly.
I think of the miles He walked in the dust,
And children He helped to love and to trust;
It shouldn’t be hard to sit tall in my seat,
To listen politely, to quiet my feet.
It shouldn’t be hard, even though I am small,
To think about Jesus, not hard at all.

A Special Time to Think about Jesus Christ

Sacrament meeting is a special time to sit quietly and think about the Savior.

Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan.

Jesus healed people.

Jesus loved the children.

Jesus suffered and died so we can repent.

Jesus rose again on Easter morning.

Because of Jesus, we will live again too!

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