Thankful for the Friend

Sophia S., age 7, California, USA

I like the Friend because it teaches me a lot of things that I need to know. I love it! I know that the gospel is true.

An Important Lesson

Paul R., age 6, Illinois, USA

My favorite story in the Friend is “An Unexpected Test” (April 2013). The lesson I learned is to not go on dates until I am 16.

I also like finding the CTR rings each month. Thank you for sending the Friend magazine!

Reading Good Things

Abigail Y., age 7, Utah, USA

Every night before I go to bed, I read as many Friend magazines as my mom will let me. I keep a whole stack by my pillow. The stories make me feel good inside and help me feel peace. I am glad that the Friend magazine is around so that it can teach me about Jesus and how I can be a better person. I have a testimony that if I read good things, I can have the Spirit with me.

How We Read the Friend

Liam W., age 7, North Carolina, USA; Ben N., age 9, California, USA; Thomas L., age 9, Virginia, USA; Jacob P., age 8, North Carolina, USA

We especially enjoy reading the Friend when we travel to visit our grandparents in Florida. We love it when Grandma reads us the stories. We often take turns reading from the Friend.

Dear Friends,

What’s your favorite story? Is it a bedtime story like “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”? Or maybe it’s a true story from history or the scriptures. On pages 4–5 you’ll read about a girl who learned some fun stories about her family. Then turn the page to find out how to collect your own family stories. They might end up being your favorite stories of all!

Happy collecting,

The Friend

P.S. Try illustrating one of your stories and sending it to us!