The Magical Marvelous Magnificent Club

The author lives in Massachusetts, USA.

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Looking for something fun to do this summer? Why not put on a play? All you need is some friends or family to help you out!

Scene One

[Mariah, Molly, Max, and Miles enter.]

Mariah: I love summer.

Molly: The ice cream!

Max: The swimming pools!

Miles: The sunshine!

Mariah: And no school. This summer is going to be the best ever!

Molly: What should we do first?

Max: We should start a club.

Miles: Yes! Clubs are the best. We can make badges—

Molly: And a clubhouse!

Max: And make up a secret password!

Mariah: We can call it the Mariah, Molly, Max, and Miles club. Hey, all our names start with M!

Molly: That can be part of the club—your name has to start with an M to join. We can call it the M Club!

Max: The Marvelous M Club!

Miles: The Marvelous Magnificent M Club!

Mariah: The Magical Marvelous Magnificent Club!

Molly: This is going to be the best club ever.

Max: And the best summer! [Molly, Max, and Miles exit. Simon enters from the other direction.]

Simon: Hi, Mariah.

Mariah: Hi, Simon. Excited for the summer?

Simon: Yeah! Do you have any plans?

Mariah: Well, Molly and Miles and Max and I just formed a club, and it’s probably going to be the best club ever. It’s called the Magical Marvelous Magnificent Club.

Simon: Wow! That sounds really cool. Can I join? I could bring some of my favorite books for the clubhouse.

Mariah: Sorry. Only people whose names start with the letter M can be in the club.

Simon: You mean I can’t join your club just because my name is Simon and not Mimon? That doesn’t seem very fair.

Mariah: I’m sorry, but club rules are club rules.

Simon: OK. Well, have a good summer. [Simon walks off, looking sad. Mariah goes the other direction, after Molly, Miles, and Max.]

Scene Two

[Max, Mariah, Molly, and Miles are sitting around their clubhouse.]

Molly: Majestic!

Miles: Memorable!

Molly: Majestic!

Miles: Memorable!

Molly: Mariah, which do you think sounds better? The Magical Marvelous Magnificent Majestic Club, or the Magical Marvelous Magnificent Memorable Club?

Mariah: I don’t really care.

Max: What about amazing?

Molly: That doesn’t start with an M.

Max: It can if you say the uh part really soft. Uh-Mazing. See?

Miles: Mariah, why aren’t you helping think up more M words for the club name? Is something wrong?

Mariah: Simon asked if he could be in the club.

Molly: You told him no, right? Because his name doesn’t start with an M.

Mariah: I told him no, but it didn’t make me feel very good. Don’t you think we should include everyone?

Miles: It might be more fun that way.

Max: Simon is a really good friend.

Molly: Simon probably doesn’t want to be part of our club anymore. It’s not as fun as I thought it would be.

Max: There really isn’t much to do.

Miles: We argued about the name, made up a secret password, and made a clubhouse. What do we do now?

Mariah: Maybe our club would be better if we weren’t just thinking about ourselves all the time.

Molly: You mean make a club to help other people?

Miles: I like it!

Max: I think it’s a great idea!

Mariah: And I know just who we can start with.

[All exit]

Scene Three

[Mariah, Miles, Molly, and Max sneak on stage. They set notes in various places, making a trail of notes across the stage. They all exit. Simon enters. He sees the first note and picks it up.]

Simon: What’s this? [Reads it out loud.] “Simon, you are always so kind to everyone you meet. I’m glad you’re my friend.” [Simon smiles.] I wonder where that note came from. [He takes a few more steps and finds another.] Here’s another one! “Simon, you are really smart, and I admire how hard you work in school.” [He looks up and sees the trail of notes.] All these nice notes are about me! I wonder who left them.

Mariah: [entering with Miles, Molly, and Max] We did!

Simon: Oh. Was this part of your moldable, magnetic, macho club that I can’t join?

Molly: Actually, you can, if you still want to.

Max: We decided to change the club rules so that everyone can join, no matter what letter their name starts with.

Simon: Really? But why’d you leave me all the notes?

Max: We want our club to be about more than just us. From now on, our club is all about doing nice things for other people.

Miles: We’re going to pick up trash at the park—

Molly: And make cards for the nursing home down the street—

Max: And cook dinner for someone in the neighborhood!

Molly: So what do you think? Want to join our new and improved club?

Simon: You bet I do!

Mariah: Then welcome to the official first meeting of the Kindness Club, dedicated to making the neighborhood a better place, one good deed at a time!

Max: But can we still have a secret password?

The end