Get Lost in a Good Book

Books can be a lot of fun. Here are some ideas for how to make reading even more fun, on your own or with your family. The story doesn’t have to end with the last chapter!

Write your own story. Pick a favorite character and write a story about him or her in a new situation. Or if you didn’t like how a book ends, try rewriting the ending. Share your new ending with your family.

Act it out. Put together some simple costumes and props. Then act out scenes from the book or make up your own. You could even film it and make a movie!

Keep track. Write the name of each book you read on a strip of paper. Make the strips into a paper chain or tape them on the wall. Can you make a book chain as tall as you?

Cook the book. Have an adult help you make a meal like what the characters eat in your favorite book!

Dress up. Plan an appropriate outfit based on what your favorite character wears.

Listen up. Check out an audiobook from your library. Or record yourself reading some of your favorite stories. You can put these recordings on a CD and give it to a friend or listen to it yourself.

Learn about the author. Have an adult help you find information online about your favorite authors. Where are they from? What inspired them to write? You can even write a letter to tell an author how much you enjoyed the book.

Bookmark Clips

Make your own bookmark! Be sure to get an adult’s help.

You will need:

a large paper clip

ribbon or yarn


  1. Cut 6 pieces of ribbon or yarn, each 8 inches (20 cm) long.

  2. Tie the pieces of ribbon or yarn around one end of the paper clip.