Heavenly Father sent you to be a very special part of your family.

Who loves you?

Your mommy, your daddy.

Your brother, your sister.

Your grandma, your grandpa,

Your aunts and uncles and cousins.

Your whole family loves you.

And Heavenly Father loves you most of all!

Secret Helpers

The sun peeked in at the window. Anna and Josh jumped out of bed.

“Let’s be secret helpers today,” Anna said.

Anna and Josh made their beds.

They put on their clothes and put their pajamas away.

Josh got milk out of the fridge. He took bananas and apples out of the basket.

Anna put a loaf of bread and a jar of jam on the table.

Mommy and Daddy came into the kitchen.

“Surprise!” said Anna and Josh. “Breakfast is ready!”

“It looks delicious!” Mommy said.

Daddy gave Anna and Josh a big hug.