How can I show kindness to others?

Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

From “Loving Others and Living with Differences,” Ensign, Nov. 2014, 25–28.

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The members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are special witnesses of Jesus Christ.

We should all follow the gospel teachings to love our neighbors.

We should love all people, be good listeners, and show respect for what others believe.

We should avoid bullying, insulting, or saying things that might hurt others.

We should especially be kind to our family members.

Families Can Be Together Forever

Adapted from “Christmas Memory,” Church News, Dec. 11, 2010.

A story from Elder Oaks’s life.

When Elder Dallin H. Oaks was a 12-year-old deacon, he went with his bishop to take Christmas baskets to the widows who lived in their ward. A widow is a woman whose husband has died. The backseat of the bishop’s car was filled with baskets of grapefruit and oranges. The bishop waited in the car while Dallin took a basket to each door. He would knock on the door and say, “The bishop asked me to give you this Christmas basket from the ward.”

When they had delivered all the baskets but one, the bishop stopped the car in front of Dallin’s house. He gave Dallin the last basket of fruit and said, “This is for your mother.”

After the bishop drove away, Dallin stood in front of his house wondering, snowflakes falling on his face. His father had died when Dallin was seven. But he had never thought of his mother as a widow. His mother had always taught her children that they had a father and that she had a husband and that they would always be a family because of their temple marriage.

Dallin knew that other boys and girls had dads who played with them and took them fishing. And it hurt sometimes that his dad wasn’t there. He knew he wouldn’t see his dad for a very long time. But he also knew that someday they would all be together again as an eternal family.

5 Facts about Elder Oaks

Born on August 12, 1932

The H stands for Harris

Worked in college as a radio announcer

Was president of Brigham Young University

Became an Apostle in May 1984