Sometimes going to church with a young child can seem like the longest three hours of the week. We pick cereal up off the floor. We shush our noisy little ones. Is it really worth the effort?

Yes, it is! That’s because little by little, our young children are learning about Christ and His teachings. Bit by bit, they’re learning how to pray and how to recognize the Spirit.

Here are a few ways you can help church be even more meaningful for your kids—and for yourself too!

Show pictures of Jesus and explain that we learn about Him at church. Even babies start to recognize His face and get excited when they see Him.

On Saturday night sing, “Saturday is a special day” (Children’s Songbook, 196) and have your kids help lay out clothing and breakfast items for the next morning.

Pack a small bag with books or quiet activities that focus on the gospel and Christ.Have children draw pictures of stories they remember from their classes and hang them up on a special “Sunday wall.”

Practice “reverence skills” like folding arms, whispering, and listening to quiet music.

After church, have everyone share something they learned that day.

In time, the learning that begins when children are small will lead to much greater understanding and wonderful blessings as they make covenants with the Lord.