How can I get my own testimony?

Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

From “Eternal Life—to Know Our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ,” Ensign, Nov. 2014, 80–82.

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Your testimony will grow as you learn about Heavenly Father and Jesus.

You can learn from the teachings and testimony of your parents and teachers.

You can learn from reading the scriptures.

When you do what is right, the Holy Ghost will help you.

As a boy, this is how I came to know for myself.

Meet Elder Robert D. Hales

He was born on August 24, 1932, in New York. He and his brother and sister liked to helptheir father build fishponds and rock gardens in their wooded yard.

What Is an Apostle?

When Jesus was on the earth, He called 12 men to be his special helpers. They were called Apostles. He has called twelve men to be His special helpers today. They testify of Jesus Christ to the whole world. Elder Hales is an Apostle.

As a boy, he spent two summers working on his uncle’s ranch in Skull Valley, Utah. He helped round up wild horses, bale hay, and care for the animals.

He pitched a no-hitter in high school baseball.

After he graduated from college, he joined the United States Air Force as a jet fighter pilot.

He and his wife, Mary Crandall, were married in the Salt Lake Temple on June 10, 1953.

His career in business took him and his family to England, Germany, and Spain.

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