Bulletin Board

Play Paper Chase!

Put paper plates on the floor for each player and spread some colorful paper squares around. Each player uses a straw to try to move as many squares onto their plate as possible in one minute. But you can only pick them up by sucking through the straw!

God Gives UsGood Food

This is a cauliflower. They’re usually white, but there are orange, green, and purple cauliflowers too!

Ask Your Family

Do we know anyone who is being bullied? How can we help them?

Temple Connection

On page 14 you can meet Rachael from Oklahoma, USA. This is the Oklahoma City Temple. Do you have pictures of you or your family in front of a temple? You could set a goal to take a picture on temple grounds, or draw a picture of yourself there!

Cyber Strong

Deleting posts and messages doesn’t make them disappear from the Internet, so I will be careful not to post or send anything that I wouldn’t want everyone to see.