Mormon Writes on the Golden Plates, 1 Mormon Writes on the Golden Plates, 2 Mormon Writes on the Golden Plates, 3

Many prophets wrote on the golden plates. They wrote about Jesus Christ and about how to keep the commandments. But many people forgot Jesus Christ and didn’t follow Him anymore.

A righteous man named Ammaron hid the golden plates so they would be safe. He told a boy named Mormon where the plates were hidden. He told Mormon to write on the plates when he was older.

When Mormon was 15 years old, Jesus Christ visited him and taught him about the gospel. Mormon tried to teach the people about Jesus, but they wouldn’t listen.

When Mormon got older, he got the plates. He wrote about Jesus Christ. He wrote that we can repent, be baptized, and receive the Holy Ghost.

Mormon had a son named Moroni. Mormon told his son to always remember how much Jesus Christ loves us. We can remember how much Jesus loves us too!