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Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to be happy. The best way to be happy is to choose the right!


Illustrations by Val Chadwick Bagley

Choose the Right

To truly be happy, we must choose the right.

That means in the morning, by day, and by _________________________.

Choose to wake up with a purpose and smile.

Choose to do good when faced with a _________________________.

Choose to share with our sisters and brothers.

Choose to be polite and not argue with _________________________.

Choose to be on task with homework or chores.

Choose not to complain when asked to do _________________________.

Choose not to get angry when losing a game.

Choose not to hurt others or call them mean _________________________.

Choose to speak kindly and not say bad words.

Choose not to gossip about what we have _________________________.

Choose to be near what’s good, and away from what’s not.

Choose to tell the truth—before getting _________________________.

Choose to live all your life with goodness and love.

Choose to follow the example of our Savior _________________________.

Choose to be like Jesus and live in His light.

Choose to be happy by choosing the _________________________!

Choose the Rhyme!

Use these words to fill in the blanks in the poem.

  • above

  • heard

  • right

  • names

  • others

  • night

  • more

  • trial

  • caught

Complete the Rest

What else can CTR stand for? Maybe a good reminder, like “current temple recommend” or “choose to (be) reverent.” How many others can you come up with?

Cook This Recipe

Use biscuit or bread dough to shape the letters CTR. Then bake it for 8–10 minutes at 450ºF (230ºC) or until golden brown. Be sure to get an adult’s help. What else could you use to make CTR? Maybe carrots and celery? Send us a picture of what you come up with!

Consider the Reason

Sometimes we see people making bad choices. Instead of judging them, we can choose to be kind and think about why they act that way. Are they struggling with something we can help them with?

Connect The Rings

Can you guess which “CTR” ring goes with which language? Check your answers below.

  1. Finnish

  2. Greek

  3. Korean

  4. Mongolian

  5. Thai

  6. Bulgarian

  7. Danish

  8. French

Show References

  • Answers: A-7, B-6, C-4, D-5, E-2, F-1, G-8, H-3