Good Friends

Illustrations by Carles Marti

“Hi, Kaitlyn! I came to play with you!” Jessie says.

They put hair clips in their hair. “I love it!” Kaitlyn says.

They decorate Kaitlyn’s cast. “It’s beautiful!” Kaitlyn says.

Kaitlyn wants to play with her magnifying glass. “I’ll help!” Jessie says.

“Look at this bug!” Kaitlyn says.

“Thanks for being a good friend, Jessie!”

Playground Fun

Kaitlyn and Jessie are looking for friends at the playground. Can you help find them? Mia is wearing a red shirt and likes basketball. Jackson likes bananas and books. Miles has green shoes and likes to hang upside down. Aubrey is good at jumping rope. What could they do to make friends with the other children?