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How to Write to the Friend

To send us a letter, drawing, poem, or story …

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    Fill out the form below and send it in with your story or artwork.

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    Send us a school picture or other high-quality photo.

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    We might edit your story to make it shorter or more clear, and we can’t return it to you.

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    You must be at least three years old.

Please send your submission to:

Friend Magazine
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I give my permission to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to use my child’s submission and photo on the Church websites and social media platforms as well as for Church reports, print products, video, publications, and training materials.

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The Last Laugh

Your mom is the BEST at sewing costumes! I’ve always wanted to be part of a three-headed cow from outer space!

Hidden CTR Rings

Did you find the rings? Look on pages FJ2, 22, and 7!

Building a Temple

Join us each month to see how the Payson Utah Temple was built!

The Angel Moroni statue is made from fiberglass and covered with a very thin layer of gold. A big ring is attached to the top of the statue. A chain is attached to the ring, and the chain is hooked to a crane. Then the crane lifts the statue off the ground and carries it through the air. Workers ride in a metal lift to the temple’s steeple. They install the statue onto the steeple, remove the chain and ring, and ride back to the ground.

Fun Fact: The statue has a lightning rod to protect it during thunderstorms.