Stories of Jesus


Old Testament

Jehovah and the Wonderful Plan of Our Heavenly FatherMP3
Heavenly Father and Jehovah Created the WorldMP3
Jehovah Keeps His PromisesMP3
Jehovah Blesses Joseph’s FamilyMP3
Jehovah Gives CommandmentsMP3
Jehovah Calls SamuelMP3
Jehovah Looks on the HeartMP3
Queen Esther Saves Jehovah’s PeopleMP3
Jehovah Saves Faithful DanielMP3
Jehovah Sends Jonah on a MissionMP3
Prophets Foretell the Coming of Jehovah to EarthMP3

New Testament

Jesus Is BornMP3
Jesus as a ChildMP3
Jesus Is BaptizedMP3
Jesus Begins His MinistryMP3
Jesus Chooses His DisciplesMP3
Jesus Heals the SickMP3
Jesus Teaches His Disciples to PrayMP3
Jesus Teaches about Finding Those Who Are LostMP3
Jesus Blesses ChildrenMP3
Jesus Teaches How to Treat OthersMP3
Jesus Works MiraclesMP3
Jesus Teaches How to Remember HimMP3
Jesus Finishes His Mission on EarthMP3

Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon Teaches of Jesus ChristMP3
Lehi and Nephi Learn about Jesus ChristMP3
Jacob Learns the Name of the SaviorMP3
Enos RepentsMP3
King Benjamin Teaches His People about Jesus ChristMP3
King Benjamin’s People RepentMP3