Parental Consent

We are pleased to receive your submission to the Friend. By signing the Friend submission form you, on behalf of your child, agree to the following:

I grant to Intellectual Reserve, Inc. (“IRI”) (a Church entity) an unlimited, worldwide license to copy, distribute, display, edit, translate, and otherwise use my submission in print, online, and in all other forms of media, forever, and in all ways that IRI deems appropriate. I also grant to IRI a license to use my name, image, likeness, story, and other personal information, as provided with my submission. I warrant that I am the author and< owner of my submission, and that my submission does not violate any other person’s rights, including copyrights or privacy rights. I agree that if my submission has a picture, name, image, likeness, or story of another person, I will have that person sign a copy of this agreement and will send that signed copy in with the submission.