Gordon B. Hinckley

Gordon B. Hinckley

4 Talks
  • May We Be Faithful and True

    • Saturday Morning Session

    The Lord is watching over His kingdom. He is inspiring its leadership to care for its ever-growing membership.

  • Converts and Young Men

    • Priesthood Session

    Every convert is precious. Every convert is a son or daughter of God. Every convert is a great and serious responsibility.

  • “True to the Faith”

    • Sunday Morning Session

    With so great an inheritance, we can do no less than our very best. Those who have gone before expect this of us. We have a mandate from the Lord.

  • Our Testimony to the World

    • Sunday Afternoon Session

    God is at the helm. We will seek His direction. We will listen to the still, small voice of revelation. And we will go forward as He directs.

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