Gordon B. Hinckley

Gordon B. Hinckley

5 Talks
  • The Work Moves Forward

    • Saturday Morning Session

    The Church goes forward on its appointed mission in the direction of its appointed destiny.

  • The Shepherds of the Flock

    • Priesthood Session

    I carry in my heart a deep appreciation for our bishops. I am profoundly grateful for the revelation of the Almighty under which this office was created and functions.

  • “He Is Not Here, but Is Risen”

    • Sunday Morning Session

    These simple words—“He is not here, but is risen”—have become the most profound in all literature. … They are the fulfillment of all He had spoken concerning rising again.

  • Thanks to the Lord for His Blessings

    • Sunday Afternoon Session

    Great are our blessings. Tremendous is our responsibility. Let us … march forward without fear to enlarge among people everywhere the righteousness of the Lord.

  • Find the Lambs, Feed the Sheep

    • February 1999 Conversion and Retention Broadcast

    From a satellite broadcast given at the Salt Lake Tabernacle 21 February 1999

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