Gordon B. Hinckley

Gordon B. Hinckley

4 Talks
  • Welcome to Conference

    • Saturday Morning Session

    The Church grows ever larger. It touches more and more lives for good. It is spreading over the earth in a wonderful way.

  • Why We Do Some of the Things We Do

    • Priesthood Session

    This … is not a cause of ease nor a work without effort, even sacrifice. We shall go on pursuing the path which the Lord has marked out before us.

  • At the Summit of the Ages

    • Sunday Morning Session

    May God bless us with a sense of our place in history and … our need to stand tall and walk with resolution in a manner becoming the Saints of the Most High.

  • Good-bye to This Wonderful Old Tabernacle

    • Sunday Afternoon Session

    The Spirit of the Lord has been in this [Tabernacle]. It is sacred unto us. We hope, we anticipate, we pray that the new [Conference Center] will likewise radiate the same spirit.

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