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October 2017

General Women's Session | Saturday Morning Session | Saturday Afternoon Session
General Priesthood Session | Sunday Morning Session | Sunday Afternoon Session


Saturday Morning Session

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

A Yearning for Home

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Second Counselor in the First Presidency

I believe that every man, woman, and child has felt the call of heaven at some point in his or her life. Deep within us is a longing to somehow reach past the veil and embrace Heavenly Parents we once knew and cherished.

Some might suppress this yearning and deaden their souls to its call. But those who do not quench this light within themselves can embark on an incredible journey—a wondrous migration toward heavenly climes. …

… Let me offer two reasons why we should turn to the Lord.

First, your life will be better.

Second, God will use you to make the lives of others better. …

Come, join with us and trust the Lord. Lend your talents to His wonderful work. Reach out, encourage, heal, and support all who desire to feel and heed the yearning for our supernal home. Let us join together in this glorious pilgrimage to heavenly climes.

The gospel is a transcendent message of hope, happiness, and joy. It is the pathway that leads us home.

As we embrace the gospel in faith and deed, each day and every hour, we will draw a little closer to our God. Our lives will be better, and the Lord will use us in remarkable ways to bless those around us and bring about His eternal purposes. 

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Bonnie L. Oscarson

The Needs before Us

Bonnie L. Oscarson
Young Women General President

I believe that most members consider service to be at the heart of their covenants and discipleship. But I also think that sometimes it’s easy to miss some of the greatest opportunities to serve others because we are distracted or because we are looking for ambitious ways to change the world and we don’t see that some of the most significant needs we can meet are within our own families, among our friends, in our wards, and in our communities. We are touched when we see the suffering and great needs of those halfway around the world, but we may fail to see there is a person who needs our friendship sitting right next to us in class. …

… How much value is there in fixing the world if the people around us are falling apart and we don’t notice? Heavenly Father may have placed those who need us closest to us, knowing that we are best suited to meet their needs. …

… Begin your service in your own homes and within your own families. These are the relationships that can be eternal. Even if—maybe especially if—your family situation is less than perfect, you can find ways to serve, lift, and strengthen. 

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Elder Dallin H. Oaks

The Plan and the Proclamation

Elder Dallin H. Oaks
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Latter-day Saints who understand God’s plan of salvation have a unique worldview that helps them see the reason for God’s commandments, the unchangeable nature of His required ordinances, and the fundamental role of our Savior, Jesus Christ. … With that worldview, Latter-day Saints have distinctive priorities and practices. …

Inevitably, the actions of those who try to follow God’s plan of salvation can cause misunderstanding or even conflict with family members or friends who do not believe its principles. … Whatever the cause of conflict with those who do not understand or believe God’s plan, those who do understand are always commanded to choose the Lord’s way instead of the world’s way.

The gospel plan each family should follow to prepare for eternal life and exaltation is outlined in the Church’s 1995 proclamation, “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.” Its declarations are, of course, visibly different from some current laws, practices, and advocacy of the world in which we live. …

I testify that the proclamation on the family is a statement of eternal truth, the will of the Lord for His children who seek eternal life. It has been the basis of Church teaching and practice for the last 22 years and will continue so for the future. Consider it as such, live by it, and you will be blessed.

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Elder John C. Pingree Jr.

“I Have a Work for Thee”

Elder John C. Pingree Jr.
Of the Seventy

Have you ever wondered if Heavenly Father has a work for you? Are there important things He has prepared you—and specifically you—to accomplish? I testify the answer is yes! …

So how do we come to understand and perform the work God intends for us? Let me share four principles that will help.

First, focus on others. …

We can approach decision points in our lives—like what to study, what to do for work, or where to live—in the context of helping others. …

Second, discover and develop spiritual gifts. Heavenly Father gave us these gifts to help us identify, perform, and enjoy the work He has for us. …

Third, make use of adversity. Our trials help us discover and prepare for the work Heavenly Father has for us. …

And fourth, rely on God. When we ask Him in faith with real intent, He will reveal our divine assignments to us. Once discovered, He will help us fulfill those assignments. …

At the same time God helps us fulfill divine assignments, the adversary works to distract and dissuade us from a life of meaning. …

As we follow Christ’s example and yield ourselves to God, I testify that He will also use us to further His work and to bless others. 

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Elder D. Todd Christofferson

The Living Bread Which Came Down from Heaven

Elder D. Todd Christofferson
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Jesus declared:

“I am that bread of life. …

“He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him” [John 6:48, 56]. …

To eat His flesh and drink His blood is a striking way of expressing how completely we must bring the Savior into our life—into our very being—that we may be one. How does this happen?

First, we understand that in sacrificing His flesh and blood, Jesus Christ atoned for our sins and overcame death, both physical and spiritual. Clearly then, we partake of His flesh and drink His blood when we receive from Him the power and blessings of His Atonement. …

… But figuratively eating His flesh and drinking His blood has a further meaning, and that is to internalize the qualities and character of Christ. …

If we yearn to dwell in Christ and have Him dwell in us, then holiness is what we seek, both body and spirit. We seek it in the temple, whereon is inscribed “Holiness to the Lord.” We seek it in our marriages, families, and homes. We seek it each week as we delight in the Lord’s holy day. We seek it even in the details of daily living: our speech, our dress, our thoughts. …

Partaking of the Savior’s flesh and drinking His blood means to put out of our lives anything inconsistent with a Christlike character and to make His attributes our own.

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Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Be Ye Therefore Perfect—Eventually

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father … in heaven is perfect” [Matthew 5:48]. … Such celestial goals seem beyond our reach. Yet surely the Lord would never give us a commandment He knew we could not keep. …

Around the Church I hear many struggle with this issue: “I am just not good enough.” “I fall so far short.” …

… I believe that Jesus did not intend His sermon on this subject to be a verbal hammer for battering us about our shortcomings. No, I believe He intended it to be a tribute to who and what God the Eternal Father is and what we can achieve with Him in eternity. …

… Every one of us aspires to a more Christlike life than we often succeed in living. If we admit that honestly and are trying to improve, we are not hypocrites; we are human. May we refuse to let our own mortal follies, and the inevitable shortcomings of even the best men and women around us, make us cynical about the truths of the gospel, the truthfulness of the Church, our hope for the future, or the possibility of godliness. If we persevere, then somewhere in eternity our refinement will be finished and complete. …

I testify of that grand destiny, made available to us by the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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