Handbook 2:
Administering the Church

8. Aaronic Priesthood


8.11 Sunday Quorum Meetings

Sunday priesthood meetings begin with opening exercises for Melchizedek and Aaronic Priesthood holders, conducted by a member of the bishopric (see 18.2.4).

After opening exercises, priesthood holders attend their quorum meetings. Aaronic Priesthood quorums normally meet separately. However, in a ward or branch with few young men, quorums may meet together for instruction. Even when quorums meet together, separate quorums should be organized, with leaders called and sustained for each quorum. When possible, each quorum should begin to meet separately and should have a full presidency and a secretary.

The purposes of quorum meetings are to conduct quorum business, learn priesthood duties, and study the gospel of Jesus Christ. Quorum leaders and advisers prayerfully plan the meetings to accomplish these purposes. They encourage quorum members to bring their personal copies of the scriptures where possible. As needed for individual lessons, leaders may also ask young men to bring other Church-approved resources.

Quorum presidents preside at quorum meetings unless a higher presiding authority is present. A member of the quorum presidency or a priests quorum assistant conducts. If quorums meet together, the priests quorum assistants, teachers quorum president, and deacons quorum president take turns conducting.

Lessons in quorum meetings are usually taught by quorum advisers or assistant advisers. These brethren may divide this responsibility as needed. Bishopric members, quorum leaders, and other quorum members may assist in teaching from time to time. When quorum leaders or members give instruction, the adviser helps them prepare. Those who teach should follow the principles in 5.5.4.

Adults who hold an Aaronic Priesthood office are members of that quorum. However, they meet with the elders for Sunday instruction. The bishop may also invite 18-year-old Aaronic Priesthood holders to meet with the elders quorum.

During the time for quorum meetings, young women and young men may occasionally meet together, as directed by the bishopric.