Handbook 2:
Administering the Church


7.2 Stake Melchizedek Priesthood Leadership


Stake Presidency

The stake president is the presiding high priest in the stake. He and his counselors comprise the stake high priests quorum presidency. They give instruction at high priests quorum meetings. They may occasionally visit high priests group meetings and elders quorum meetings to give instruction and counsel.

The stake president oversees the conferral of the Melchizedek Priesthood and ordinations to the offices of elder and high priest (see Handbook 1, 16.7.1).

The stake president calls an elder in each ward to be the elders quorum president. In each ward that has a high priests group, the stake president or an assigned counselor in the stake presidency calls a high priest to be the high priests group leader. Before calling a new elders quorum president or high priests group leader, the stake president consults with the bishop of the ward. The bishop may recommend whom to call.

The stake president, an assigned counselor, or an assigned high councilor calls counselors in the elders quorum presidency and assistants in the high priests group leadership. The elders quorum president and high priests group leader, in consultation with the bishop, may recommend counselors and assistants.

All recommendations for calling members of elders quorum presidencies and high priests group leaderships are subject to the approval of the stake presidency and high council.

When new quorum or group leaders are called, a member of the stake presidency or high council presents them to quorum or group members for a sustaining vote.

If an elder is called to serve in a high priests group leadership, he must be ordained a high priest before he is set apart.

The stake president sets apart a new elders quorum president and confers the keys of his calling. A member of the stake presidency sets apart a new high priests group leader, who does not receive keys. A member of the stake presidency or high council sets apart counselors to the elders quorum president and assistants to the high priests group leader.

After new quorum or group leaders are sustained, a member of the stake presidency or bishopric announces these callings in sacrament meeting. He does not ask for a sustaining vote in sacrament meeting.

For information about elders quorum callings in branches in missions, see the Chart of Callings in chapter 19.


High Councilors

Under the direction of the stake presidency, high councilors help oversee the work of the Church in the stake. Their responsibilities relating to elders quorums and high priests groups are described in 15.3.1.