Handbook 2:
Administering the Church


14.2 Ward Music Leadership



The bishop and his counselors oversee ward music. They have the following responsibilities:

They call and set apart ward members to serve in music callings as outlined in this section.

They consult regularly with the ward music chairman to ensure that musical selections and instruments used in Church meetings are appropriate (see guidelines in 14.4.2).

They support a ward choir by encouraging members to participate and by making available a rehearsal time that is free of other ward conflicts.

They encourage members to participate in congregational singing.

They encourage members to use uplifting music in their homes (see 14.8).


Ward Music Adviser

A member of the bishopric serves as the ward music adviser. He supervises the music program in the ward, advises the ward music chairman, and represents the music program in leadership meetings.


Ward Music Chairman

A man or woman may serve as the ward music chairman. Under the direction of the ward music adviser, the ward music chairman has the following responsibilities:

Serve as a resource to the bishopric on music matters.

Arrange for effective, appropriate music in sacrament meetings and other ward meetings.

Serve as a resource to ward auxiliary leaders in providing music training and in meeting other music needs as requested.

Recommend and supervise music training programs in the ward (see 14.7).

Recommend and implement ward music activities as requested.

Recommend members to fill ward music callings as requested by the ward music adviser. Supervise those who serve in ward music callings.

The ward music chairman receives training and support from the stake music chairman as needed.


Ward Music Director

Under the direction of the ward music chairman, the music director recommends and conducts the congregational hymns for sacrament meetings and for other ward meetings as requested. One person may serve as both the ward music chairman and ward music director.


Ward Organist or Pianist

The ward organist or pianist provides prelude and postlude music and accompaniment for hymns at sacrament meeting and at other ward meetings as requested.


Ward Choir Director and Choir Accompanist

The ward choir director recommends music to be sung by the choir, directs choir rehearsals, and conducts choir performances (see 14.4.5).

The ward choir accompanist plays for choir rehearsals and performances.


Priesthood Music Director and Pianist or Organist

The priesthood music director recommends and conducts the hymns for the opening exercises of priesthood meetings.

The pianist or organist provides prelude and postlude music and accompaniment for hymns.