Handbook 2:
Administering the Church


14.5 Stake Music Leadership


Stake Presidency

The stake president and his counselors oversee stake music. They call and set apart stake members to serve in stake music callings as outlined in this section.


Stake Music Adviser

The stake presidency assigns a high councilor to be the stake music adviser. Under the presidency’s direction, he supervises the music program in the stake, advises the stake music chairman, and represents the music program in stake council meetings.

With the stake presidency’s approval, the stake music adviser may call and set apart stake members to serve in stake music positions.


Stake Music Chairman

A man or woman may serve as the stake music chairman. Under the direction of the stake presidency, the stake music chairman has the following responsibilities:

Serve as a resource to the stake presidency on music matters.

Arrange for music and musicians for stake conference sessions and other stake meetings and events as requested.

As needed, provide training and support for ward music chairmen and serve as a resource to stake auxiliary leaders.

Recommend and supervise music training programs in the stake (see 14.7).

Recommend and implement stake music activities as requested.


Stake Music Specialists

Stake music specialists, including a stake organist, may be called as needed. These specialists may be assigned to provide music for a particular stake meeting every time that meeting occurs. They may also be assigned to provide music training (see 14.7) or to assist with music in stake activities.