Handbook 2:
Administering the Church


11.6 Stake Primary Leadership


Stake Presidency

The stake presidency’s responsibilities relating to auxiliary organizations in the stake are outlined in 15.1.


High Councilor Assigned to the Stake Primary

The stake president assigns a member of the high council to work with the stake Primary presidency. This high councilor’s responsibilities are outlined in 15.3. In addition to those responsibilities, he helps implement the Scouting program for boys ages 8 through 11 where it is authorized by the Church (see the Church’s Scouting Handbook).


Stake Primary Presidency

The responsibilities of the stake Primary presidency are outlined in 15.4.1.


Stake Primary Secretary

The responsibilities of the stake Primary secretary are outlined in 15.4.2.


Stake Primary Music Leader

Under the direction of the stake Primary presidency, a stake Primary music leader may help give instruction in stake Primary leadership meetings. He or she may also give individual instruction to Primary presidencies, music leaders, and pianists. When requested, the stake Primary music leader organizes and directs a stake children’s choir.

Instruction should include demonstrating effective ways to teach the gospel to children through music. Resources include the Children’s Songbook, pages 300–304. See also chapter 14 in this handbook, the current outline for sharing time, and “Music Callings and Resources” in the Serving in the Church section of LDS.org.