Handbook 2:
Administering the Church


9.7 Strengthening Young Relief Society Sisters


Working with the Young Women Presidency

The transition from youth to womanhood is a defining time in the life of a young woman. The Relief Society presidency works with the Young Women presidency to determine ways to support parents in their efforts to help young women successfully make the transition to Relief Society.

The following suggestions may help in this effort:

The Relief Society president may visit Young Women classes and present a preview of Relief Society.

Young women and Relief Society sisters may occasionally plan a Relief Society meeting or activity together.

When authorized by the stake president and when space permits, Young Women and Relief Society opening exercises may be combined one Sunday each month. To ensure that the young women and Relief Society sisters have enough time for gospel learning and teaching, the Relief Society presidency and Young Women presidency plan opening exercises that are well organized and brief. Responsibility for conducting is shared between the Relief Society presidency and the Laurel class presidency.

Young Relief Society sisters may be asked to assist individual young women who need support in completing Personal Progress and remaining active in the Church.


Responsibility for Young Single Adult Sisters

The Relief Society presidency has a responsibility to look after young single adult sisters. Relief Society leaders teach young single adult sisters the purposes of Relief Society and give them opportunities to participate in the work of Relief Society. They give young single adult sisters assignments to serve as ministering sisters. Relief Society leaders may also give them other meaningful opportunities to serve and may recommend them to receive callings to serve in the Relief Society.

The Relief Society presidency recommends to the bishop ministering sisters for each young single adult sister. If a young single adult sister lives with her parents, the Relief Society presidency counsels with her about whether she should have her own ministering sisters or if her mother’s ministering sisters should serve her as well.


Separate Relief Society Class for Young Single Adult Sisters

If sufficient numbers of young single adult sisters reside in a ward, the bishop may authorize the organization of a separate Relief Society class for some Sunday discussions and occasional activities. If a sister in the ward is serving as a young single adult leader (see 16.3.3), she may serve as the class leader. Discussions are led by members of the class, who consult with the Relief Society presidency and focus on the needs of young sisters. They use the scriptures, teachings of latter-day prophets, and other Church-approved materials for Relief Society.