Handbook 2:
Administering the Church


9.8 Stake Relief Society Leadership


Stake Presidency

The stake president oversees the Relief Society in the stake. He meets regularly (usually monthly) with the stake Relief Society president or presidency. He provides priesthood direction as they counsel together about matters that pertain to Relief Society sisters and their families. These matters may include welfare needs, the progress and needs of sisters in the stake, and Relief Society meetings, instruction, and activities.

For more information about the stake presidency’s responsibilities relating to auxiliary organizations, see 15.1.


Stake Relief Society Presidency

The responsibilities of stake auxiliary presidencies are outlined in 15.4.1. The stake Relief Society presidency also has the following responsibilities:

Under the direction of the stake presidency, they may plan and carry out one or two stake Relief Society meetings each year for all Relief Society sisters in the stake. These meetings may include service, classes, projects, conferences, and workshops. They should not be held in conjunction with the women’s session of general conference. The stake Relief Society presidency may form committees to help as needed. Occasionally these activities may include young women and girls ages 8 and older. The stake Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary presidencies counsel together to recommend such activities to the stake presidency.

Members of the stake Relief Society presidency ensure that ward Relief Society presidents understand welfare principles and that they understand their role to help bishops in welfare matters.

Members of the stake Relief Society presidency assist young single adult sisters in the stake. If the stake has a young single adult committee, a member of the presidency serves on the committee (see 16.3.2).

The stake Relief Society president supervises stake Relief Society welfare efforts. She also coordinates stake Relief Society efforts during emergencies.


Stake Relief Society Secretary

The responsibilities of the stake Relief Society secretary are outlined in 15.4.2.