Handbook 2:
Administering the Church


16.2 Caring for Young Single Adult Members (Ages 18 to 30)

Stake and ward leaders work continually to identify, locate, and shepherd young single adults in the following ways:

They help young single adults find and fellowship those in their age-group who are less active in the Church.

They create opportunities for young single adults to associate together in meaningful service, gospel learning, and social activities. A central purpose of these activities is to help young single adults find marriage partners and prepare to marry in the temple and raise righteous families.

They support young single adults in fulfilling worthy personal goals and in making decisions about marriage, education, careers, and finances.

They ensure that each young single adult has a copy of True to the Faith: A Gospel Reference. Young single adults are encouraged to use the book as a resource as they study gospel principles, prepare talks, teach classes, and answer questions about the Church.