Handbook 2:
Administering the Church


16.6 Guidelines and Policies for Young Single Adult Wards and Stakes


Church Programs

Young single adult wards use the regular program of the Church as much as possible. Stake presidents and bishops of young single adult stakes and wards follow the principles and instructions in this handbook and in Handbook 1. This includes instructions for welfare assistance, finances, and budget.


Cooperation When Members Are Called to Serve in Young Single Adult Units

Officers of conventional stakes and wards should cooperate fully when their members are requested by authorized priesthood leaders to serve as leaders in young single adult stakes and wards. However, these stake and ward officers should consult with the authorized priesthood leaders if they feel that a member’s current Church responsibilities or family circumstances would make such a calling unwise or inappropriate.


Home Evening Groups

The bishopric of a young single adult ward may organize home evening groups as outlined in 16.3.5.



In a young single adult ward, each brother is assigned ministering brothers. Each sister is assigned ministering sisters and ministering brothers.


Membership Records of Leaders

The membership records of young single adult ward bishopric members and their families normally remain in their home wards. The same is true for those who serve in the stake presidency, on the high council, or in the stake Relief Society presidency of a young single adult stake. These leaders and their families pay tithing and offerings through their home wards. They also go to their home ward and stake leaders to be interviewed for temple recommends.


Membership Records of Young Single Adults

The membership records of young single adults should be in the wards where they are members. Leaders and clerks take special care to keep records current. To avoid delays and to avoid losing track of records or people, clerks may also keep an unofficial record for young single adults who move frequently.


Missionary Recommendations

For information about missionary recommendations, stake presidents and bishops may refer to Handbook 1, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, and 4.7.


Priesthood Ordinations

See 20.7.


School Breaks

If possible, young single adult wards should continue to function during school breaks. A young single adult ward that has few members during school breaks may meet with an adjacent young single adult ward. In such a circumstance, the wards keep separate records, reports of attendance, and finances.


Temple Recommends

In most cases, the stake president interviews members who are receiving their own endowment and members who are planning to be married in a temple. As an exception, in a young single adult stake, the stake president may authorize his counselors to interview those who are receiving their own endowment or being married in a temple.


Tenure of Service

Normally, brethren who are called to serve in the stake presidency, on the high council, or in the bishopric of a young single adult stake or ward serve no more than three to five years in callings that keep them away from their home wards. This limitation includes cumulative service in different callings.


Young Single Parents

Young single parents who have children at home normally remain in their conventional ward so the children will have the benefit of Primary and youth programs. However, the parents may attend the activities of the young single adult ward.