Handbook 2:
Administering the Church


12.4 Sunday School Classes

Sunday School classes are held between sacrament meeting and the time set aside for priesthood, Relief Society, and Young Women meetings. Classes last 40 minutes. Opening and closing prayers are offered in each class. It is not necessary to have an opening or closing hymn.

Sunday School includes adult classes and youth classes. Approved courses, including some optional courses, are identified in the current Instructions for Curriculum.


Classes for Youth

The Sunday School presidency generally organizes youth ages 12 to 18 into classes according to their age on January 1. For example, the presidency may organize a class for all young men and women who are 14 or 15 years old on January 1. The youth stay in that same class until the next year.

In youth classes, at least two responsible adults should be present. The two adults could be two men, two women, or a married couple. Where it may not be practical to have at least two adults in a classroom, leaders should consider combining classes.

For information on Sunday School for young men and young women when they reach age 12, see 11.4.3.


Class for Young Single Adults

Each ward that has enough young single adults may have a separate class for them during Sunday School. Teachers use the scriptures and approved Sunday School manuals, giving special emphasis to the needs of young single adults.


Helping Class Members with Disabilities

For information about understanding, including, and teaching members who have disabilities, see 21.1.26 and disabilities.lds.org.