Handbook 2:
Administering the Church


12.6 Meetinghouse Library

Each meetinghouse should have a library with resources to help members learn and teach the gospel. The ward Sunday School presidency oversees the meetinghouse library.

Meetinghouse libraries vary according to available space. They may provide some or all of the following items: scriptures, Church magazines, Church-produced pictures and audiovisual materials, chalk, erasers, pencils, paper, television sets, DVD players, and a photocopier.

The stake presidency may authorize wards, institute classes, and family history centers to share the resources in meetinghouse libraries.


Ward Librarian and Assistant Librarians

The ward librarian helps leaders, teachers, and other members learn how to access and use the materials, supplies, and equipment that are available. He or she prepares a schedule for staffing the library. This schedule should ensure that all librarians can attend sacrament meeting each Sunday and that each librarian can attend either a Sunday School class or a Melchizedek Priesthood or Relief Society meeting each Sunday.

As needed, the ward librarian works with other wards and organizations to coordinate the use of the library. He or she organizes and cares for the materials and equipment in the library and uses a simple system to allow members to borrow materials.

Assistant librarians work under the direction of the ward librarian and share many of his or her responsibilities.


Leadership for a Meetinghouse Library in a Multiward Building

In a multiward building, the wards usually share the same library. If this is the case, the agent bishop is responsible for the coordination of the library. He may appoint a committee to coordinate the use of the library and manage the budget funds allocated to it. The committee should include a member of the Sunday School presidency from each ward and the librarian from each ward.


Meetinghouse Library Policies

Policies related to the meetinghouse library are found under “Sunday School” in the Serving in the Church section of LDS.org.