Handbook 2:
Administering the Church


4.4 Ward Council

As the presiding high priest of the ward, the bishop presides over the ward council. This council includes the bishopric, ward clerk, ward executive secretary, elders quorum president, ward mission leader, and presidents of the Relief Society, Young Men, Young Women, Primary, and Sunday School.

Members of the ward council strive to help individuals build testimonies, receive saving ordinances, keep covenants, and become consecrated followers of Jesus Christ (see Moroni 6:4–5). All members of the ward council have a general responsibility for the well-being of ward members. Priesthood and auxiliary leaders also have a specific responsibility to watch over and strengthen each member in their organization.

Typically, the full ward council considers only matters that (1) would benefit from coordination among organizations, (2) would benefit from the discussion and unified efforts of the council, or (3) are of general concern for the ward as a whole. Most matters that are specific to a priesthood or auxiliary organization should be addressed by leaders in that organization, not by the entire ward council. Additionally, individual ward council members may raise sensitive or confidential matters privately with the bishop.