Handbook 2:
Administering the Church


6.3 Welfare Leadership in the Stake


Stake President

The stake president oversees welfare work in the stake. More information on his welfare responsibilities is provided in Handbook 1, 5.1.


Stake Council

In stake council meetings, leaders consider spiritual and temporal welfare matters as follows:

They identify welfare concerns in the stake and seek ways to address those concerns. However, they do not assume responsibility to resolve ward welfare matters.

They plan ways to teach welfare principles to stake and ward leaders.

They discuss ways to make ward leaders aware of people in the stake who can serve as resources to help with welfare needs.

They develop and maintain a simple written plan for the stake to respond to emergencies (see Handbook 1, 5.1.3). This plan should be coordinated with similar plans of other stakes in the coordinating council and with plans in the community.

They plan welfare activities, taking care not to place undue burdens on ward leaders.

They plan ways to respond to stake welfare assignments.

When assigned by a member of the Presidency of the Seventy or the Area Presidency, they provide leadership and support for a welfare operation.

If a bishop has been assigned to handle requests for assistance to people who are transient or homeless, members of the stake council determine how to make stake resources available to that bishop.


Stake Welfare Specialists

A member of the stake presidency or an assigned high councilor may call a stake employment specialist and other welfare specialists. These stake specialists serve as resources for bishops and other ward leaders. The specialists may help with welfare needs such as those listed in 6.2.5.