Handbook 2:
Administering the Church


10.7 Personal Progress

Personal Progress is an achievement program designed to help young women strengthen their testimonies of Jesus Christ, prepare for their future roles, and prepare to be worthy to make and keep sacred temple covenants.

The goals of the program are outlined in the Young Women Personal Progress book. Young women work with their parents and Young Women leaders to set and accomplish goals that are based on the Young Women values.

After careful consideration, parents and leaders may modify the program to help young women with special needs. For example, they may consider the needs of young women with disabilities or educational limitations, young women who join the Church or become active in Young Women after age 16, and young women who are not Church members. When making any changes or exceptions for one person, leaders should consider the effect those changes may have on others.


Personal Progress Activities at Mutual

Young Women leaders and class presidencies may plan some Personal Progress activities for Mutual (see 10.8.1). For example, all young women could assist with another young woman’s value project. Such group activities should be planned prayerfully and selectively to ensure that the Personal Progress program remains personal for each young woman.


Emblems, Certificates, and Recognition

Ward leaders may obtain Personal Progress certificates and awards through Church Distribution Services. They use ward budget funds to purchase these items.


Personal Progress Responsibilities of Leaders

Young Women Leaders

When a young woman reaches age 12, the second counselor in the Young Women presidency and the class adviser for the Beehives arrange to meet with her and her parents. A member of the Beehive class presidency may also attend.

The leaders give the young woman a Young Women Personal Progress book and explain the program to her and her parents. They encourage her parents to work with her in selecting and completing Personal Progress experiences and projects. They explain that her mother may also work on Personal Progress and earn an award. Other women may also help and participate in the program themselves.

Young Women leaders give the young woman copies of For the Strength of Youth and True to the Faith (if the bishop has not already given them to her). They also give her a pendant with the Young Women logo on it, which can be ordered through Church Distribution Services.

Young Women leaders also give this orientation to young women who enter the organization later than age 12.

Additional instructions for parents and leaders are included in the Young Women Personal Progress book.


When a young woman completes the entire Personal Progress program, the bishop interviews her. This can be part of his annual or six-month interview with her. He may use the standards in For the Strength of Youth as a guide. He may also verify her attendance at sacrament meeting and in seminary (where available) and her reading of the Book of Mormon. When he determines that she is ready to receive the Young Womanhood Recognition, he signs her Personal Progress book. He may present the award to her in a sacrament meeting.